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Services to buy your house in Mallorca

Durendesa advisers and real estate investors in Mallorca offers its portfolio of properties: the best deals to buy apartments in Palma and the rest of the island so that you have access to the lowest online prices. We guarantee a purchase free of encumbrances, additional charges or rights of third parties.

Por eso te ofrecemos un paquete de servicios variado y versátil que te ayudará a vender tu casa en Mallorca con más facilidad y menos quebraderos de cabeza. Toma nota y pide tu servicio personalizado:

Online housing catalogue

Offers on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Browse potential homes in detail, discard them or save them.

Daily offers for apartments in Mallorca

You can consult them here, directly on our website, or on our social profiles, with high quality videos and photographs.

Purchasing assessment

We help you with the process of buying a home in Palma, both the legal aspects and dealing with banks.

Advice for buying a house in Mallorca

We inform you of all the subsidies and aids for purchasing property in Mallorca so that you can choose and we manage the administrative process.

Personalized visits to homes

When you request it, we will accompany you to visit the property that you like, will help you analyze it in detail and make sure that the price and the quality are perfect.

Attention after the purchase

We keep offering advice after the actual purchase, so that you can relax in your new home and enjoy it right away.

Additional services

If you want to make improvements to your new home, we can put you in contact with all kinds of specialists, from architects to builders and interior designers.

Attention in all languages

Language is not a barrier: we are prepared to assist you in your language, naturally, simply and fluently.

Usual property searches in Mallorca

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